Treat Yourself This Christmas, get a Keurig Coffee Machine

Treat Yourself This Christmas, get a Keurig Coffee Machine

Convenience and versatility are some of the top factors every coffee lover looks for when buying a new coffee maker. This Christmas season has come with some of the best deals in the town. Majority of the mindful individuals usually stock their kitchen stores, offices and living rooms during such peak seasons due to the reduced prizes and crazy offers. For the coffee lovers looking forward to achieving success and glory of well-brewed coffee; proper planning and evaluation can help you find the best coffee maker on the market.

The Keurig series of coffee makers is one of the reputable products that have stood the test of time in the beverage brewing industry. Designed and manufactured by Keurig Green Mountain; this American firm has been constantly expanding its brands to suit all the consumers and meet the market demand. If you’re looking forward to treating yourself to the best beverage this Christmas, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top performance Keurig coffee makers, read on to get started.

Factors to consider when choosing a coffee maker


This dictates the fills and amount of storage. Before you proceed to buy a coffee maker, be keen to check the number of cups it can make at a time to avoid shortages and time inconveniences when preparing a family breakfast. Most of the Keurig machines makes 12 cups at a time while some are well designed for couples and personal use.


For the aging parents, the convenience of a coffee maker makes lots of sense. Everybody likes a machine that’s easy to use with well-defined and obvious settings. Some of the important settings that should be easily accessible include the heater plate adjustability to easily vary in accordance with the apparatus.

The easy cleaning drip-tray should also be available to avoid constant spills. Water filling level and the brew pause are the other vital features that should be well designed and defined within the machine.

Technology wise

As far as technology is a necessary evil in the modern society, ease of use, cost and compatibility issues should be well observed. The best coffee maker should incorporate a useful technology that’s easy and convenient for use.

Technology has made life easier and fast, however; you should choose the technology that rhymes with your lifestyle to avoid exaggerated prices for technologies far much beyond your scope.

1. Best Office coffee brewing system – the Keurig K145

Keurig K145This brand comes with a detachable reservoir and fits comfortably with the brewer with no space left to avoid outside contamination. To drain the water, press the drain brewer button then switch on the back to completely drain the reservoir.

These make the Keurig K145 a user-friendly model with easy cleaning and maintenance experience. With a capacity of 48 Oz. this machine is best suited for office use where flexibility and convenience must be met. You can also make multi-flavored coffee using this machine, however, isn’t best suited for the ground coffee.

2. Keurig K55 – Best Budget family coffee maker

Keurig K55This is probably one of the best-selling coffee makers in the market. It combines the ease of use, affordability, solid built and versatility in a single machine. With a detachable reservoir, you can easily adjust the capacity of the machine from 4 Oz to as much as 10 Oz. This can be done by adding the k-cup that has been designed purposefully to save you the time of refilling the machine every now and then. The quiet brewing technology with auto-turn off feature makes this machine stands out of the other models.

The other models in this series include the 2.0 Keurig-K250, the Keurig-K15, and the Keurig 2.0-K575 series. Some of the advantages of using the Keurig coffee makers include;

  • Flexibility- you can brew up to 30 oz. using the K-Carafe pack.
  • The intuitive display makes the brewing process easy and convenient even for first-time users.
  • The machine can be customized and programmed to turn on and off at a certain time.
  • You can use the ground coffee via the K-cup 2.0 reusable filters.

Easy Toilet Installation – a Simple DIY Guide

Easy Toilet Installation – a Simple DIY Guide

If you want to install the toilet at your home, you can try to do it yourself. It is a good way to save money because you do not need to hire a man to do so. You may think that you cannot do it because this task must be very difficult. Things might be not as they seem and installing toilet can be a simple thing to do.

Here are some steps to install the toilet:

If you want to replace your old toilet, you need to scrap off the old wax gasket first. However, if you will only install the toilet for the first time, you will need to roughen the surface of the closet as well as the flange of the toilet floor. One tool suitable for this task is a putty knife. You can use the putty knife to remove any bolt attached and to scrape the flange off. You need to do this step carefully because the toilet might be leaking if you do not do it properly.

After you finish with step one, you can start to install the toilet. First, you need to turn the toilet upside down. Then, you can attach the gasket made from wax on the horn outlet surface. You can use your putty knife to attach the wax gasket. After you have attached the gasket thoroughly over the horn surface, you can turn up the toilet and place it on the flange.

Here’s a video guide:

To strengthen the position, you can just use the bolts. When the toilet touches the ground, you need to press it down. You can twist it a bit so that the bowl can fit into the ring perfectly. You need to make sure that t goes into the ring. Otherwise, the seal might not be perfect. Other than this, you also need to place the toilet in the ring when the wax is still wet. If it is dry, the wax will be too hard that the toilet can fit the ring properly.

Soon after you are sure that you have placed the toilet on the flange correctly, you can tighten up some part of the toilet, such as washers and nuts. You can just do it with your hands. You may not need an additional tool. Some toilet might need a rubber tank cushion.

If your toilet is something like this, you can add the rubber into the back part of the toilet. You can fit the rubber at the bottom part of the flush opening. After you have finished, you need to tighten them with bolts again.

One thing that you should not forget is always using the level in the whole process. Otherwise, the position of your toilet might not be level. You almost finished by now. All you need to do next is sealing the base of the toilet. You can use the putty knife to fill in the seal.

These are simple guidelines to install the toilet on your own. You can try this when you plan to have a new toilet. It is cheap because you do not need to hire any worker. Moreover, it does not require too much time for the installation.